Trakm8 announces partnership with Adiona

Since Adiona has emerged from stealth mode, Trakm8 has officially announced its partnership with us. Read Trakm8’s full announcement below

Trakm8 is delighted to announce its partnership with Adiona, a start-up offering a tech-enabled insurance product set to challenge the outdated legacy insurance approach. The partnership includes Trakm8 helping to develop the connected data and app solution behind the insurtech’s ground-breaking driver data technology pilot. 

Adiona, has developed a tech-enabled insurance product set to surpass incumbent grade premium pricing and offer a revolutionary customer experience with real value. The process involves direct communications with the participating customers advising in real time on how their driving behaviour impacts their insurance.

Trakm8 is a leading provider of technology solutions across the telematics industry and by working closely with the team at Adiona, has developed a platform and app solution that offers a seamless customer experience whilst managing the driver data across a range of devices.

Adiona CEO, Paul Harvey, commented on the partnership, “Our proposition, we believe, is truly ground-breaking in the insurance sector and to deliver this we needed to partner with the very best tech providers. Trakm8 has helped bring this product to life by working with us to develop a market-leading platform and app solution that pulls the proposition together giving our customers the very best experience.

Adam Gooch, Business Unit Director for Insurance at Trakm8, added, “We are delighted to be working with Adiona on its unique and truly innovative solution that is set to challenge the legacy models in the car insurance space. The insurtech is offering an insurance product that leverages data to offer real value to customers and the team at Trakm8 has worked hard to help deliver a market leading platform and app that is fundamental to this offering.